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  • Specialty Loans

  • We offer several loans that allow for alternative documentation and many "out of the box" situations that are common with today's sophisticated buyer.  These programs make it easier to qualify when your situation is atypical and doesn't meet traditional lending guidelines.

    Expanded Criteria

    Standard Documentation required. Borrowers must document and source all household income, assets, and liabilities according to current Portfolio Underwriting Guidelines.

    Bank Statement Income

    The Bank Statements Loan is designed to qualify a borrower by analyzing cash flow in personal and/or business bank accounts for the most recent 12 month period. Additional income may be fully documented according to Portfolio Underwriting Guidelines for consideration in qualifying.

    Asset Income Program

    The Asset Income program is designed for the borrower with a high net worth and significant accumulated personal and/or business liquid assets. Additional fully documented income may be considered in addition to the income derived from the Asset Income calculation for qualifying. Asset Income is calculated using existing adjusted qualified assets and verified market investment yields for a specific time frame.


    Foreign National Program

    Foreign National borrowers are defined as citizens of another country who have a valid visa to visit the US for business or leisure.
    Foreign Nationals are not Non-Permanent Resident Alien’s, Permanent Resident Aliens, or US Citizens. Foreign Nationals do not have Green Cards and are not authorized to work in the US. Their primary residence is located in their country of origin.

    We also offer...

    • 80/10/10 loans
    • Jumbo loans to $2 Million with only 10% down
    • Jumbo loans with a minimum 680 credit score
    • 40 year loans (great way to lower your monthly payment)