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  • Vance communicated with us every step of the refinance process! He is extremely professional and a true gem this day in age! I would highly recommend his services to the pickiest of clients!   ~ Michele Z.


    Let me tell you a little bit about me. I am a high strung, nervous wreck, almost impossible to impress person, with incredibly high standards and expecations of people... YIKES. It seems like customer service and professional courtesy are a dying part of society today, but not with Vance!! HE EXCEEDED ALL MY EXPECTATIONS.

    I orginally met Vance about 3 years ago when I wanted to look into a possible re-fi/purchase of a new home. He was honest and patient with me, even once he figured out that in my current situation a re-fi wasn't going to benefit me and I was not quite ready for a new purchase. He answered every single question I had even though I had a lot and he knew he wasn't going to get a loan out of it....fast forward 3 years, my husband and I were ready to buy this year, after selling our other properties and the only name I was going to call is Vance...

    He is one of the only people I have ever met that follows through on every single thing he says. If he says he is doing it, trust me, it is getting done. He doesn't need to be micro-managed or followed up with daily to ensure it is getting done. The first homes I bought were 1. with another broker 2. with a major national bank. Both were disasters...closing late in escrow, not having things done with deadlines were being hit. With Vance I wont say it was seemless, because there are always surprises, but it was seemless for us. He took care of the curve balls, addressed them quickly and professionally and CLOSED OUR ESCROW 1 week early. This was a 30 day, jumbo, non-conforming loan and it closed it in 21 days! How awesome is that?!?!?

    If you are looking for someone trustworthy, reliable, that wont tell you lies and does every single thing they say they will, call Vance now...trust me, you will not regret it!!! :)

    I am a very happy camper and am going to let everyone and anyone I come across know that fact. Thank you so much for everything Vance & Go Bruins!   ~ Devon W.


    Vance has helped my husband and I close on two different mortgages in the last 2 years. He's very knowledgeable, easy to work with and always responds quickly. You can tell Vance cares about what he does. He's very honest and is just a pleasure to do business with. I would recommend Vance (and do) to any person looking for a home loan.  ~ Ali Y.


    My Fiance and I were looking to purchase our first home together and our relater recommended Vance Long as a lender option for our home loan. He was one of three recommendations that she gave use. Vance was the first to respond to our inquiry so we chose to go with him. Throughout the entire process Vance was available to use through Email, phone and even in person meetings. He answered all questions without hesitation and secured us the lowest interest rate available. Vance never became frustrated with our never ending questions and was extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of the loan and home purchase.

    I have already recommended Vance to multiple friends and family members and would use him again in a second if I needed another loan. It is pretty obvious that Vance is great at what he does. If you look at all the reviews he has, there is not a single one without 5 stars and I do not believe that to be a Fluke. This is the first online review that I have ever written and I only chose to do it because I was so thankful for all of the help/service that Vance provided. If you are still somewhat on the fence about your decision (you should not be) go meet him in person and you will see how personable, professional and knowledgeable he truly is. He comes with the highest recommendation.  ~ G. Hayes.


    Vance was a pleasure to work with to purchase my first home. He walked my through every step and let me know what to expect next. I'd 100% recommend Vance to anyone attempting to buy or refinance a home.  ~ Craig M.


    I have referred Vance to friends and clients and they are all happy with his service and they told me they will use him again. He is very knowlegdeable, he spend time with clients, answer all the questions, he is very helpful and you feel comfortable with him He is efficient and you can call him any time. He is very reliable and accountable.  ~ Lita D.


    Vance was very responsive. I've dealt with other lenders who never get back to me. Vance always returned my call/text within the day. He knows his stuff, and was very honest. Hi highly recommend!!  ~ Eric D.


    I have worked with Vance on my last two mortgages and I would definitely recommend working with him. He has an intricate knowledge of his industry and knows exactly how to get the job done. He quoted a very competitive rate upfront and there were no hidden fees or increases to his original quote throughout the entire process. I can tell he was working hard for me behind the scenes to get my loan funded. He has great follow-through and was able to overcome some very difficult circumstances for me and the loan was funded on time.  ~ Scott P.