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  • The Vance Long Difference!

    December 8, 2017
  • As a loan officer, Vance Long renders top service to borrowers – right from providing the right choice of mortgages to doing everything possible to ensure that the financing gets approved.

    reverse mortgage lenders

    I have purchased a couple of properties during my lifetime and am now looking to enjoy the equity in my retirement home and also cut back on the monthly payments by getting a reverse mortgage loan. People around me always advise me to go directly to the banks; however I prefer dealing with an independent loan officer like Vance Long.

    In fact, Vance Long at United American Mortgage Corporation (www.vancelong.com) has consistently surpassed my expectations with his exceptional services.

    This loan officer has a bouquet of loan sources and always advises me on the best loans available. We discuss the varying rates and costs before settling on the right solution that suits my specific needs. Long proceeds to help gather the documentation required for processing the loan. He deals with the paperwork, orders the appraisal and even contacts my realtor if needed.

    His role does not end with filing the loan application itself. Long continues to stay in constant touch with the underwriter about the progress of my application. He knows what the underwriters look for and is well-prepared to iron out any issues that may crop up later.

    And the best part is that I am not left twiddling my thumbs as I wonder what is going on about the loan. He makes it a point to keep me updated with the status of my application on a regular basis. I am able to contact him any time and he patiently answers my agitated queries.

    Vance Long has always ensured that my mortgage gets approved, that too in a timely manner? Why then would I even contemplate turning to other reverse mortgage lenders now?